Reconstruction of the road in the desert area

For the first time in the practice of construction of roads in the Republic of Uzbekistan, it was decided to reconstruct the highway A380 «Guzar-Buhara — Nukus — Beineu» 400 km construction with cement concrete pavement to separate subgrade.

The projected section of the road is a member of the international transport corridor alongthe route «Beineu — Kungrad — Nukus Bukhara — Samarkand-Tashkent-Andijan», part of the Uzbek national highway. Reconstructed section, in turn, is a segment of the European corridor E-40.

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Highway A380 «Guzar- Bukhara — Nukus- Beineu» is located in the western part of Uzbekistan.

The road is an important message for the region’s highway, which connects Central Asia with Russia, the Caucasus and the countries of Eastern and Central Europe.

Design and Estimate Documentation has been developed for the reconstruction of the road for 65 km (section 355-420 km, 4 lane). The projected section of the road passed through the Kyzylkum desert sand on some sections of the road were common moving sands.

At present time, the developed design estimates POSCO Engineering & Construction Co., Ltd (South Korea) performs work on the reconstruction of the road section.

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