The beginning of construction and installation and any earthwork is preceded by a study of the conditions on the ground. There are no absolutely identical sites. Each site has its own characteristics and individual characteristics. Today, most often areas are subject to development, on which some buildings have already been located. Engineering geodetic surveys provide complete information about the relief, the location of various objects and communications. Without detailed information obtained in the process of studying the land allotment, it is impossible to plan the territory and develop a construction project. Experts of LLC «YO’LINJINIRINGLOYIHA», having many years of positive experience, carry out geodetic surveys for the construction of industrial and residential buildings in full compliance with the requirements of SHNK and current legislation. The necessary approvals and licenses, accreditation were obtained by our enterprise in the state bodies of the Republic of Uzbekistan.

Engineering and geodetic surveys of roads are developing. We are discovering new methods and technologies for working with materials. But, the quality of the road remains unchanged, which depends on how seriously you approach its construction, and then to repair it.

The first thing worth noting is the tools used to build roads. The second place should be given to construction specialists who work with the road. Much depends on their responsibility and competent approach, including the long-term operation of roads without repair. And, of course, third parties from whom responsibility cannot be removed are geologists and surveyors, that is, those people who carry out surveys. If a bad specialist takes on the job, we will be able to see how a bridge or road collapses immediately after construction, so it is important to know the instructions for this kind of work and follow them clearly.

Engineering and geodetic surveys of roads can be divided into the following stages:

1. Stakeout along the axis.
2. Anchoring the route on the ground.
There are only two stages, but they involve many important processes. For example, axis staking is done in conjunction with other jobs. It requires materials to serve as the basis for the breakdown.

It is important that the specialist understands the documentation as well, because road planning on paper is an important part of construction. It is according to this drawing that the construction will take place. A detailed study of the area, the territory on which the road will be located, as well as the nearest infrastructure will help to avoid frequent repairs of railways, accidents, and also save people’s lives.

As already mentioned, as a result of research, we receive documentation. The following list will help you learn what should be prepared as a result of the work:

  • survey sheets;
  • schemes of geodetic networks;
  • materials with calculations;
    lists of coordinates and points;
  • acts that speak of the delivery of geodetic points;
  • field control acts;
  • cards for establishing signs and centers;
  • measurement logs and summaries;
  • excess sheets;
  • outlines of points, which are fixed by signs;
  • magazines with measurements of angles, lines.