Employees of our company provide clients with the opportunity to optimize business projects, increase profitability indicators, reduce payback periods and speed up the implementation of a complex of construction work. Construction consulting solves most of the problems that arise between the parties to the process during the preparation and implementation of the project.

Consulting provides an opportunity to ensure a constructive dialogue between partners, allows them to resolve common issues with minimal financial losses and defend their interests without negative consequences for partners. The use of road construction consulting at the initial stages optimizes the loss of time and money for the implementation of the project, allows you to speed up the receipt of permits in state regulatory organizations and optimize the process of construction and installation work.

Employees of the company «YO’LINJINIRINGLOYIHA» LLC provide their clients with the following consulting services:

  • Comprehensive independent examination of the quantity and quality of construction work.
  • Calculation of the estimated cost of the object both as a whole and at individual stages.
  • Provision of consulting services for assessing the return on investment projects.
  • Comprehensive analysis of construction in progress, the cost of work performed, checking the compliance of the volumes with the acts provided for payment.

If desired, our staff will conduct a comparative analysis of the construction work completion options based on different engineering solutions, make and evaluate a feasibility study. It is possible to control the quality of the materials used in order to timely detect deviations from the recommended parameters — at each stage of construction, the risks of technology violation are minimized, the estimated cost of the object does not increase for the elimination of defects.